~when i'm dealing with human i learn empathy, happiness and joy. when i'm dealing with animal i learn compassion, tolerance and forgiveness which is for me humanity. -farhanah noah

Saturday, 7 November 2009

~PiECe oF pUzZLe....


I am a drama queen
i am sacarstic
i like being sinister
i am very bad in words
i like being alone most of the time
hell yeah i like being my self

I love parties, spaghetti and shoes
i love being around my bestfriends
the only crowd that i could trust
the few people that understand me

i am a clumsy lover
often pick a fight
and hurt his feeling
i tried to be a better person
each time i woke up in the morning
please forgive me

so much i am lacking of
and i realized
i am so much imperfect
forgive me for being so annoying
for a hostility moment
intended or unintended

dedicate to my dearest friend who always be with me for better or for worst

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