~when i'm dealing with human i learn empathy, happiness and joy. when i'm dealing with animal i learn compassion, tolerance and forgiveness which is for me humanity. -farhanah noah

Friday, 6 November 2009


the dreams

my dreams...
i want to have my own story

not a cinderella story
nor any other fairy tales
tales are just tales
but dreams aren't just a dream
the dream could come true
the dream could be the future...
dream are colours
delighting yours ways.....

the love

i took the chance to reach my dreams
and here i am away from lonely
deep in me
i am truly happy
happy to be a part of one's world
a part of one's joy...
you with me
nothing i could ever fear about...
you are the one
you are the only
because you are my strength
and we will never be apart....

the stars

just wanted you to know
i am always pray for you
may joyful yours forever..
nothing can be a relief than to see your smile
may this is ours forever..

dedicated to whom i cherish the most

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