~when i'm dealing with human i learn empathy, happiness and joy. when i'm dealing with animal i learn compassion, tolerance and forgiveness which is for me humanity. -farhanah noah

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

i NeeD You Now...

Dear, I need you now...
Please take me by the hand.
Stand by me in my hour of need,
take time to understand.

Take my hand dear,
and lead me from this place.
Chase away my doubts and fears,
wipe the tears from off my face.

Dear, i cannot stand alone.
I need your hand to hold,
the warmth of your gentle touch,
In my world that's grown so cold.

please be my side
and hold me day by day.
Because with your loving hand in mine,
i know we'll find the way..

- by FaRVin-

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