~when i'm dealing with human i learn empathy, happiness and joy. when i'm dealing with animal i learn compassion, tolerance and forgiveness which is for me humanity. -farhanah noah

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

i LoVe YoU.........

Dear farhanah,
 I love you because you bring the best out of me. I love you whom, I have become since i have know you. i love your terrific sense of humor. Every time i look your uyes, my heart misses a beat. I enjoy doing  things with you and spending time with you. You are simply irresistible.
 sometimes i feel lost and out of touch, but when your there, i feel safe. your voice soothes me. i could sit here and try to tell you just how i feel, only i can't find the words other than i am happy we met and have gotten togther after all we've gone through.

you make me feel loved, you make me feel needed, but more importantly, you make me feel wanted. that is something that i hadn't felt in a very long time. we have slowly grown into a beautiful relationship that only you and i can understand.

you are becoming my best friend, my lover and my soul mate. you are blessing that my entire being is very thankful for. i feel that we were made to love,listen, understand, and work through all times in our lives together,a truly rare gift.

we have borh gone through so much in our lives,we both been hurt and have lost trust in others, but i  ask you to give me a chance as give you one. i don't ask for much, only for you love me as i am and not to hurt me as i would not hurt you. i only wish to be by your side and with no one else.

from this moment on, we have each other and all time to be in each other's arms. when i say i love you it is truly meant.

love always,

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